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We are an accredited company specialized in innovation and projection of a changing market.

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Our company

Grupo Neduer is a global expansion company, with presence in Colombia longer than 10 years, formed with a team of collaborators with experience in the development of business that accredit us as a specialized company in innovation and projection in a changing market.

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We are the strategic partner to achieve objectives in each sector of the economy, applying improvements and innovation in processes and be able to have customers forever.

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Our passion for service should lead us to give a better service to our customers to be always relevant in their lives and thus form lasting relationships.

Our value propositions



We count with a research department, Development and innovation, where we are committed to the search and find technological advances that allow greater control, optimization of processes and maximum use of resources for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.



We provide timely and immediate solutions for our customers through technical support ready 24/7.



Positive indicators and high quality standards allow us to continue building a growing base of forever customers.