Gardening and maintenance of green areas

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We take advantage of our experience in garden maintenance and landscaping to provide solutions to clients who need to outsource the complex tasks involved in private gardens or a natural or artificial grass sports pavement. Project management is comprehensive, ranging from the prior analysis of the characteristics of the space or facilities to the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of green areas.

To offer a quality service we have a highly qualified team, the latest technology, and a firm commitment to ecology.

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The gardens of your outdoor areas need to be restored?

Our specialized advisors will attend to your request.

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Gardening Services

• Garden design and renovation

• Pruning of tree formation

• Spraying of chemicals

• Cutting of Hedges and Plants

• Implementation of irrigation systems

• Maintenance of green areas and existing elements

• Grass installation for green areas

• Landscaping and landscaping

• Fertilizer and plant rental

• Design of vertical gardens

• Pest Control Service

• Maintenance of swimming pools

• Supply sales

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We apply the latest technology in the implementation of green areas, offering a quality service

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Interior cleaning of all types of buildings, offices, large commercial and leisure areas, conference centers

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We are experts and we always make sure your gardens reflect care and quality for you to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home

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We have a specialized staff that will find the best alternative for the progress and development of your company