Outsourcing: Your Ally Alternative

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Regarding the concept of outsourcing, Neduer Group remains at the forefront, thanks to the quality of integral solutions and auxiliary services, based on an increasing effort of I+D+I, the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, the diversification and flexibility of their business models, and the commitment of their workers and the management, backed by their professionalism, rigor, respect and efficiency.

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Establish global and specific objectives for each activity such as reception, storage, order preparation and shipments.

Carga de mercancía

Loading and unloading

of goods

Loading and unloading of bulk and/or palletized containers, which can be outsourced at a price per pallet, box or container.

Picking packing



The process can include manipulations, labeling, co-packing and other movements prior to the product leaving the warehouse.




Reception of goods from a origin place and dispatch without storage.